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#Serendipity #PartThree ||

I nearly dropped to the floor. Having met another succubus before you’d think I’d have figured there to be an incubus or two in the world but the thought had never crossed my mind. “One more time, you’re a what?” I asked again, already knowing the answer but needing a bit more confirmation. He drew closer to me again, until there was barely a breath between us. “I’m an incubus, Bo.” With that he held his hand up to me, drawing a hot and I mean scorching line down the side of my cheek. I nearly lose my balance. Having never felt the succubus effects I never knew what my own power must feel like to other people. I hold tight to him afraid I might fall until his fingers finally pull away once more. Allowing then for me to stand up straight I take a step back, “Don’t do that, don’t you try to put the whammy on me mister! I invited the whammy!” He just smiled at me, a light chuckle barely being heard over the music as he reaches out for me. One strong hand, amongst the crowd of sweaty, sickly sweet smelling bodies and I couldn’t understand why I was so drawn to it, lifting my own hand I place it within his. It looked tiny in comparison. I allowed him to pull me through the swarms of people and behind a curtain. A couple was already occupying the space but with a single stare he compelled them to move. For the life of me I couldn’t understand what I was doing here, what it was about him that had me following him like a willing slave but here I was, seated next to him now just staring into his perfect emerald irises. “I don’t understand,” He lifted his hand to my face, this time void of the heat it brought before. “What’s that?” He inquired, pushing a loose strand of hair back from my face. “Why am I even here? It was like you called to me, like I could almost feel your presence reach out to me even when I was in the street.” His smile seemed to coiling along his lips almost too easily, he moved his hand to tangle lightly in my hair. “All in good time, Ysabeau,” He spoke my real name and I almost flinched out the sound of it. “How did you—“ His lips were on mine then, interrupting my words. They were the softest I’d ever felt before and they themselves were an aphrodisiac. His free hand curves around my waist prior to him pulling me into his lap. They expertly move away from my waist and towards the ties that line up my back to keep my halter in place. After loosening them he moves both hands to grip the bottom of the leather shirt and pull it over my head. I was there now, exposed to him and it seemed too natural like I’d been here before. Next, he gently gripped my hips and set me off of his lap. His fingers drive a line up my waist over my supple breasts towards my shoulders. He gave me a push them and I fell back to the couch. Once more again his hands were on me, gripping at my pants to undo them as well. Before I knew it I was naked there, laying completely bare for only him to see and a thousand others if someone were to throw open the curtain. I pushed that thought out of my mind, focusing on him as he moved above me, as he worked at his own jeans to take them off. After getting them undone he allowed them to fall to the ground at the same moment he removed his shirt. He was magnificent. His body chiseled and set in all the right places. His arms large and somehow gentle, his face though fierce held an almost serene glow to it. He stepped from his jeans and lowered himself to my body. His hardened form lowers to me wet folds, hover just outside my core. He moved so that his lips were tight next to my ear and just before he entered me he spoke, “I’m going to make you scream.”

You know you want to chain me up. 

You know you want to chain me up. 

#Serendipity Part Two ~ ||

It was like I had no choice but to do as he asks, to move in sync with him towards the dance floor. He removed the glass from my hand and set it next to his before taking my hand in his. He held in a way that was familiar to me but I didn’t question it as my mind became full of him and thoughts of him. We started into the crowd of pulsating fresh as people danced and moved around us but my eyes were trained on him, as if he were the only man in the room. My fingers drag up his chest almost sensually before settling around his neck. Our bodies flush together begin to sway to the music that filled the air. I felt something with this stranger that I have never felt before, enthralled. It was almost as if he’s compelled me to be here with him and I was given no choice in the matter something that I seemed almost too accustomed to. Suddenly, I wanted to know more about him, Everything even… but most of all I wanted to know -what- he was. Before I could get the words out however his lips were on mine, instantly and almost without my brain having to tell them my own lips move with his; kissing him, parting my lips to allow his tongue to meet my own in a slow and sensual melding of our mouths. My body was on fire then, like flame actually licked at my skin, sweat began to bead upon my forehead. I pulled back from him, a gasp expelling from between parted petals. I release one of my hands from his shoulder and hold it to my mouth as if shocked by my own behavior. It wasn’t like I hadn’t slept with random people before, in fact it’s sort of the type of thing I do regularly but this, this was different. It wasn’t like I was seducing him, instead he was seducing me and I liked it. I couldn’t just relax and let it happen though because I knew, I knew somehow he was using powers on me and that didn’t bode well. People were often trying to come after me for something or another and I couldn’t fall into another trap no matter how beautiful and muscular that trap may be. “What are you?” I ask, but it couldn’t be heard over the roar of the music that now switched from Indie rock to hard metal. Seemed an odd combination but the crowd seemed to love it. I move my lips closer to his ear, feeling his hand on my bare shoulder blades setting a blaze to my skin once more. My eyes roll up and I try to contain the feelings that rose deep within my gut as my lips graze his ear. My words aren’t as strong and demanding as they were the first time instead they were weak and breathy. “What…are…you?” I asked once more. I moved away to look at him then, the smile returning to his lips as he lowers them to meet my ear just as I’d done to him. “I’m…an Incubus.”

#Seredipity PART ONE ~ ||

I thrust myself into the cool night air, a night that was darker than most as there was no moon above to light the way. The sky was just black, a big ball of obsidian nothingness as I moved down the narrow alley ways that lead me to where I was headed. I had no real destination in mind until now, until I could practically smell the sex seeping off the sweaty bodies. It was like it drew me to them, I couldn’t resist myself. I moved quietly through the crowd, pushing my way towards the front. The bouncer stopped me and all I did was smile sweetly before gripping his hand in mine. I rub slow circles on the meaty part of his thumb, speaking in a low tone. “Aww, look at you. Such a big man, I’d appreciate you letting me into this club.” It took no time at all before he was pulling open the rope and allowing me to pass. A chorus of groans came from the on lookers who were begging to me let in. Once inside I noticed several things right off the bat. This was -not- a normal club. This was a Fae club and yet the guy at the door from what I could tell was human. Also, it wasn’t all about dancing and having fun in here, though there was dancing and carrying on there was also small room just off the main one where people could go to engage in pleasures of the flesh. “This is my kind of place,” I spoke allowed to no one in particular, but one man did answer, “You like this succubus?” He asked. I turned and saw a face that was unfamiliar and wondered vaguely how he knew what I was. “And here I had you pegged for a country club kind of girl.” His tone was sarcastic and he wore an easy grin, one that curled up on half of his mouth. “Country club? Buncha stuck up, tennis playing, martini drinking, pleasure blockers… I think not.” I turn back toward the swarm of half-naked and sweating bodies. “This place smells like sex.” A chuckle came from the stranger as I turn back to him only to just now notice he wore a black shirt that had several holes in it, dark jeans that were also ripped just at the knees and a leather wrist cuff and what I could only assume was guyliner. He wasn’t particularly my type; too Goth for my tastes but underneath this persona he wore was a rather sexy looking man. I could just see his chiseled chest beneath the holes in his shirt and his arms, oh but they were good arms to have. “Come, succubus.” He spoke in an accent that couldn’t be placed as he held out a hand and touched it lightly to my back. His touch, though through my shirt was almost like being hit with a Taser. Nothing so severe it knocked me on my ass but I could definitely feel it. I wondered what he was, what kind of Fae had such a power that it practically emanated off him? But I couldn’t exactly come out and ask what he was, could I? He directed me toward one of many bars that seemed to line the wall of this place. “Whiskey, top shelf and whatever the lady wants.” He said, directing his attention to me. “Sounds good, I’ll have the same, only I want the real top shelf… The stuff you keep hidden not that shit you keep for your stupid customers.” The man who’s hand still remained on my back let out a low laugh as the man behind the counter left to grab our drinks. “You surprise me Succubus.” He said again as if it were my name, “Bo… Call me Bo.” I told him, eyeing him carefully. “My name is Aries.” He told me and I smirked, “Parents had high hopes for you, didn’t they?” I inquired, amusement playing across my features. “They did, indeed, Bo.” The man brought back the drinks and set them down for us. Aries picked up one of the glasses between what looked to be strong hands and held it out to me. I mirrored his actions, grasping the glass between daintier fingers and held it towards his. “To the start of something special,” He spoke. Curiously, my mind wandered over his words, considering what they could have meant. I shook my head as if to clear just as our glasses clinked together. He placed his glass down and then reached for my hand, his thumb running up the length of my thumb as he spoke, “Dance with me?”

:: #FanficStart #EndTimes ::

The darkness surrounded me from all sides. I couldn’t see my hand right in front of me let alone anything in the distance. The silence was deafening as I sat in the abyss that was my mind. I remembered nothing; I thought of nothing, I simply was. For a moment I felt as though this was it, my eternity would consist of this, emptiness but then something tugged at me. Seemingly, pulled at my insides as if they were being yanked away from me and soon my gaze fluttered open and I found myself somewhere else. My mind flooded with emotions, fear, confusion, and the feeling of being cold. I lay on what felt to be a straight slab of metal and upon further observation of my surroundings I found that it was. Cocoa hues flicker away from the ceiling toward a man whose face was buried in his knees. His hair was damp and his clothes were ragged and from there understanding dawned on me. “Stefan,” his name hit my like a ton of bricks, his name spoken like poison on my lips that left a bad taste in my mouth or that could have been the riven water. I remembered now, everything that a moment ago I had forgotten. We crashed off Wickery Bridge and #Matt… Oh #Matt. #Stefan looked up, his eyes glistening with tears as his hands were immediately latched into mine. “Matt?” I spoke. #Stefan, smiled lightly and I knew he was okay but how… how did I survive? I looked into his troubled gaze. His smile fading quickly as he just watched me. “How—“ I coughed, clearing my throat. “How am I alive?” #Stefan didn’t answer instead he just stared into my eyes as if waiting for me to make sense of it but for the life of me I couldn’t come up with an answer. Remembering now I know, I know that I died so how—my thoughts trailed off as #Stefan finally spoke. “You wounds before, when you collapsed at home,” I nodded, remembering. “They were worse off than we had originally thought so when we brought you to the hospital, Meredith—“ I interjected then, “Gave me blood.” I provided, “Damon’s blood.” #Stefan nodded looking, if at all possible, more grave than before. “So I’m—I’m a vampire.” I said sitting up at the same time, releasing my grasp on him a little too quickly as I fell from the table and landing almost impossibly on my feet. I looked up from #Stefan after hearing a familiar voice outside, #Damon. “No, Stefan, No he—I don’t want him to see me like this.” I look down at myself. “I don’t want -you- to see me like this.” I move away from the table I was laying on and into the shadows. “Please, Stefan… Tell him to go away.” #Stefan stood, moving in a swift motion until he was next to me. His expression more stoic than ever before, “Stefan,” I spoke his name again before #Damon’s form stood just outside the door. My gaze was caught by the knob that now jiggled. #Stefan then sprang into action, grabbing my hand and moving me towards the door at the far end of the room and away from where #Damon was coming from. Just as we disappeared through the door I saw the other open and caught a glimpse of him but then we were gone. I knew he would chase us, I mean it was #Damon after all but I couldn’t. I just can’t deal with this right now, not on top of my impending trek into Vampirism. We had vanished into a small corridor that had hospital supplies lining the walls and soon we appeared in the main hospital again just before the exit. I looked back into the small hallway and then down into the hospital for any signs of him but there was nothing. “Come on,” #Stefan urged as we moved out into the cool night air. We left the hospital headed toward the one place I knew #Damon would find us, home. We walked into the house. “Stefan, Damon will find us here… We have to go somewhere else.” And that’s when I felt it, a tug at my mind like something was pulling me into my own subconscious and there I was, in my room, #Damon standing before me seemingly shattered as he spoke calmly, “I love you and it’s because I love you that I can’t be selfish with you and why you can’t know this. I don’t deserve you…but my brother does.” It was in my room, #Damon had returned my necklace and made me forget it. I was thrust back from the memory into my body once more when I collapsed to the ground. “Damon,” his name came out in a whisper and #Stefan’s expression changed as he kneeled down next to me. It was merely seconds later when I heard him at the door. #Damon hadn’t wasted anytime tracking us. He knocks though I don’t understand why because he didn’t wait for us to answer. Instead he just walked in. “I knew I would find you here… you’re too predictable Stefan.”

I kind of ship this. #Awkward